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Clinical Foot, Hand & Face Reflexology

REFLEXOLOGY is an ancient and highly regarded method of supporting health conditions through the feet, hands and face. Early forms date back to China 2000BC.
The most commonly used in the west is ‘Zone therapy’. Created by William.H.Fitzgerald (an ear nose and throat doctor) and further developed by Eunice Ingram (a physiotherapist) in the 1930s.

The feet, hands and face are connected energetically to internal and external organs, and by applying pressure to certain points ‘reflexes’ it can help to unblock the corresponding energy channels and promote the body’s natural healing process.
A reflexology session can help relax the mind and body.

Whilst working with and supporting many clients over 3 decades I have built up valuable experience dealing with a wide range of conditions. Reflexology is suitable for any age, my clients have ranged from 3months to 96 years old.

People live busy and often stressful lives. It is important to recognise that energy needs to be restored and revitalised at times, as general well-being can be affected. Reflexology is a technique that acts on revitalising the body and reenergising the overall system. This in turn strengthens a person’s immune system, making them less susceptible to illness. It also improves mental energy and positive outlook, which improves relationships with others.

In summary, Reflexology facilitates healing in the body through the manipulation of specific areas in the feet. Our feet tend to be neglected, despite all that they go through day in and day out, and what is not commonly realized is that pain and discomfort in the feet is often transferred elsewhere in the body. Like a Reiki practitioner, a Reflexologist also acts as a channel for healing and life-force energy, to maintain homeostasis.

Aside from being deeply therapeutic and extraordinarily relaxing many of my clients report it has helped them with the following conditions,
*Gut and bowel issues
*Hormone Imbalances
*Headaches and neck pain
*Severe menstrual pain
*Menopausal symptoms
*Depression and anxiety
*Back and joint pain
*Sports related injuries
*Sinus related conditions
*Post traumatic stress related conditions
*Pregnancy pre and postnatal support

Consultations are offered before all treatments please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss any concerns.

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